Terms and Conditions:
* Furniture rental terms and condition are listed in our official quotation. Please spend some time going through them when you get our quotation.
* We cannot guarantee furniture rental availability for peak periods if confirmation deposit is made late. Early booking is highly recommended for all orders.
* Furniture rental is only available for our catering customers.
Canopy and Furniture rental only available for Cassian Kitchen Catering Customers.
Minimum charge without canopy rental is RM300.
Handling Fee apply if require lift or stairs access.
Canopy (Fan & Lights) 1 unit,
8-pax Round Table (red cloth) 5 units,
Red Plastic Chairs 40 units.
1 set = RM350
2 sets = RM640
Additional Scalloping & Legging
1 color = RM150/canopy
2 colors = RM180/canopy
Buffet table (cloth & skirt)1 row RM100
Furniture Rental Without Canopy:
8-pax round table (red cloth) 7 units,
Red Plastic Chair 50 units,
Buffet Table and Setting Rental 1 row.
1 set = RM300
(RM50 handling fee for condo/office)
Furniture transport charge
RM40 - RM200
Plastic Chair Cover RM5/unit
Banquet Chair Cover RM7/unit
Cocktail table (cover & ribbon) RM80/unit
Bar Stool RM60/unit
Oblong Table (cover and skirt) RM60/unit
Commercial Fan RM70/unit
Air-CoolerRM280/unit (minimum 2 units)
Stall Concept Booth RM230/unit
Karaoke System Set RM1000/unit
(2 speakers, 2 mic, 1 TV, built-in songs)
Stage & Backdrop Setup Rental:
8' x 8' RM450
12' x 8' RM650
16' x 8' RM850
16' x 16' RM1700
(all stage comes with red carpet & stairs)
Server / Cook
RM60 - RM120/person
(up to 3 hours or 10pm)
Overtime Rate
from RM100/hour
Eve & Public Holiday
double rate
Catering Malaysia KL PJ Selangor