Cassian Kitchen is dedicated to provide the best catering service since 2009 by offering a large menu of authentic Asian, Western, Fusion and local delights. We strive to do our best to cater for all events through delicious food and efficient service personnel.

Cassian Kitchen provides quality pork free food at very reasonable pricing. There are various packages offered from which one will surely meets your need. We can also help prepare customised door gifts for your guests to make the event more memorable.

You can trust Cassian Kitchen to handle your catering needs while you enjoy and attend to your guests throughout the event.

Our corporate clients Maybank, AmBank, Standard Chartered, CIMB, OCBC, HSBC, UOB, Citibank, Nestle, Manulife, ING, Yamaha, Astro, SpSetia, Nada Alam, Multiplex Packaging, IMU, Universiti Malaya, MOL, IGBIS, UEMSunrise, Hospital Selayang, FOS, The Star, Omron, Photobook Worldwide and many more.

Catering Malaysia KL PJ Selangor

Here are some of the many feedbacks that we have received from satisfying customers through our professional catering service.

* Your food is better than those we had these past years at hotels.

*  Mamak mee is especially good. Everyone likes it very much.

* Food and services provided are excellent. Will recommend to all my friends.

* Food is delicious. We will surely order again.

* Sambal is delicious. Taste special and can't get anywhere else.

* Your food is best compared to all my previous caterers.